Focused and

S3 CACEIS's focus and cutting edge technology cater for customized services in controllership, from pricing to investment fund accounting, profit assessment, conciliation of management and legal regulations as well as active compliance.

Asset pricing

Methodology, criteria and calculations put together to set prices for controlled assets based on market values, accounting requirementes and regulatory agency specifications.

Profitability assessment

Periodic updates based on net asset evaluations that consider the value of the asset/financial liabilities which compose that portfolio, either through IRR or quota.

Legal Framework

Control of the adherence regarding management and legal limits set for the concentration and diversification of portfolios according to each client's investment policy.

Active compliance

Restriction imposed on the settlement of operations which are not aligned with the definitions contained in the client's investment policy.

Investment fund accounting

Registration of accounting events for assets and liabilities, accounting statements, and issuance of reports to regulatory and audit agencies.

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